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For your convenience, you have two options to apply online for any or all of our 2012 shows. Exhibitors may use either Holiday Art Shows Online Application or Zapplication™

First; Holiday Art Shows Online Application. You may fill out the application, pay your application fee ($25.00) with a credit or debit card (it's secure), email your images and that's it! Quick and easy.


Second; you may apply online at

If you have never used Zapplication™ before, you'll need to set up an account and upload your images. I would suggest a visit to ZAPP™'s How to Apply page as a first step.

With either method of applying online you will need to submit three images of your work and one of your booth (display). I cannot stress the importance of good jury images. After all, it is what determines whether or not you are accepted into a given show.

You may be an exceptional artist or craftsmen and have excellent work but if it isn't shown off well in your images it won't matter; you won't get in the shows. It is well worth, in my opinion, paying a professional photographer who has experience with jury photographs.

I can highly recommend Ryder Gledhill, a Professional Photographer in Central Florida. His specialty is digital jury slides.

That's it, now you are ready to apply online:

Holiday Art Shows Online Application

For those who would rather mail their application, you may print it and send it along via the US Mail.

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