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Articles, Links and Resources for Artists and Craftsmen

On this page you will find links to articles, links, and resources; items we feel will be helpful to artists and craftsmen. Each submission, link or resource are ones we support and recommend.

Graphic Design, Logos, Social Media Marketing

Do you need graphic work done? Logo design? Or possibly someone to help with marketing and social media?

Marti McGinnis - New Media Marketing + Marketing Plans

Marti McGinnis of New Media Marketing, has developed an easy and dare we say even fun system for creating New Media Marketing Plans for small businesses and organizations that lays out how to efficiently and effectively target their audiences harnessing the powers of social networks and other new media. With deeply applied experience throughout all the top social networks, Marti has firsthand knowledge of the strengths and potentials of each one as they can relate to specific businesses and marketing goals. She helps businesses asses which platforms will work best for their own unique needs and goals. She also creates, edits and finds content and optimizes it on behalf of your goals through all the online outlets you select through weekly subscriptions starting at one hour and up depending on your needs.

Jury Images

Jury images can make or break your business. We see hundreds of jury images come across our desk and there is a distinct difference between "do-it-yourself" images and "professional" images. We cannot stress enough the importance of good jury images, not just for our shows but for any show you hope to get in. In this article, Ryder Gledhill Photography offers tips you can use to better your jury images.

Very good article - please read! Photography 101: How to Better Your Jury Images

Ryder Gledhill Photography
Email: rydergledhill@gmail.com
Website: www.rydergledhill.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RyderGledhillPhotographer

Everyone knows something that would be of interest to others! Do you have a link you feel would be of interest to artists? Or an article, blog or resource? Would you like to write an article of interest to share on our website? How about writing a review of artist an related product? Please contact us to let us know what you would like to share with the arts community!

More articles, links and resources coming soon.

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